When you share a wine, you share lots of things. Finca Casanova emerges from a family project, with the objective of translating a personal experience to a commercial enterprise. Located next to the Andes mountain range, in the Uco Valley, in the Mendoza province of Argentina, our vineyards are an ideal land to grow grapes, with warm dry winds and just the right amount of rainfall and fertility for producing the finest wines.

Through our state-of-the-art facilities, under the watchful eye of our french enologist Philippe Platt, we keep an individualized quality control in all of our products, from the early stages of the harvest to the final production.

Finca Casanova

Our wine making is not only defined by the natural conditions of our soil and technical advances in our machinery, but also by one other element, most important to us: we know who we are making wine for.

So having a wine is not only drinking a beverage for lunch or dinner; its a reunion with the parents, a meeting with friends, small talk with our children; it´s the sight of the sun setting on the horizon. Sharing a wine is sharing moments.

That is why, as we had this idea of making an homage to our father, Marcelo Casanova, by creating our wine brand, we hope that someday, somewhere, someone else sits down at the table and shares something more than our wines.

Finca Casanova…